Surprise! I’m a teacher!

My favorite class during one of the first months.

Even though I signed up for a job that was entirely teaching, and in another country, where I was well aware I did not speak the language, nor had I heard it spoken in the last few years, it didn’t really hit me until a few days before leaving… I was actually going to be teaching… children… in South Korea!

Well, four weeks into it, here I am!

What have I learned so far? Well, thank you for asking…

The kids are my favorite part. Absolutely. They surprise me with their love, fun nature and individualism. They are the perfect example that language is universal and we all learn to understand and eventually speak at some point in our lives. I am continually surprised (and jealous) at how remarkably simple it seems that children pick up on language. Walking into my first class 4 weeks ago with children who did not understand ‘open your books’ can now speak in full sentences and spell words like rainbow, building and street. Impressive? I think so, too.

Leading the kids through the forest

It actually baffles me how little time it takes to adjust to something so different. But then, is it really that different, or do we just convince ourselves that it is? Eventually I’ll forget what was so different in the first place and just love this place and their ways, probably because it is what I ‘know.’ At the same time, I also believe that I could teach these kids, but probably not American kids- not yet at least. Which means that the environment plays a factor into my happiness level– well, duh? That’s why I came across the Pacific Ocean =)

More to come.

Stay fabulous.

Keep moving.

And laughing!

Macmillan kiddos posing at Children’s Grand Park

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  1. you’re so cute! love it

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