This weekend has been good. Friday another foreign teacher and I went for a run, then veered off our usual path a bit. We ended up getting street-cart-style tempura, pizza and of course, completely lost. After wandering into the most deserted and docile place I have yet to experience in Korea and not having luck finding our way, we attempted to ask a couple friendly looking Koreans for help. They were successful enough through charades to convey which direction to go and even helped fetch us a cab. The two middle age people nearly died laughing when I told them we went on a run… 3 hours ago! It was apparent they felt bad and it was fun to share in the humor of our situation.

Yesterday, I met Noelle in Gagnam and we went for such, then Latte World where we got our fabulous Baileys lattes. Then we headed to what was my first experience in the Korean baseball world. It was an exciting game- complete with blow up clappers, beautiful setting sun, a mountain view and nice skyscraper layout. Four tall boys in, I was having a great time and rearing to party! Perhaps better for my Sunday productivity that I ended up outside the Family Mart with couple friends to enjoy one last night cap.

Even my Sunday has been one of a kind. Battling motivation and inspiration to be productive today, I finally departed the comforts of my sun-infused apartment and headed to Itaewon for a little sandwich fix and bookstore comfort. Even with all the foreigners, traffic, hustle and bustle, the experience could have been confused with Denver’s famous Colfax Street. not quite the echoed charm of my book store ideal, Tattered Cover, What The Book was nonetheless a welcomed experience. Escaping with only one purchase (Sandra Cisneros collection all too similar to The House On Mango Street)¬†I set off to find a pleasant nook to rest my feet and relish in my current novel. To my hesitant excitement- I spotted a Subway! Quickly remembering my previous experience (being let down in Cape Town, South Africa), I decided to try a new sandwich so my expectations would be lower/altered. I can happily report I was please! Between the bacon, cheese and chipotle southwest sauce, my taste buds were satisfied and my tummy was full.

After, I found myself able to recharge and take in the scene from a second story coffee shop with an over priced, very rich latte, enjoying a bit more of my book before heading home.



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