What is alive and in my mouth?!

We travel, live and work abroad for many different reasons. One of the best parts of experience a new culture is the local cuisine. I had heard fateful tales of something living, with tentacles and uncomfortably wiggly that people sometimes ate… so of course I couldn’t wait to try it!

Embracing a rainy, humid night amongst the monsoon season, I met up with a group of eager CouchSurfers to try this oddity of a meal.

Following these new strangers, whom I was hesitant and yet willing to trust, through the wet Seoul night we ended up at the Fish Market, Norangjin. There was an added mystery to the night due to the weather, unexpected tunnel like path we walked through, happening upon a brightly lit fish market- the first I’ve experienced of the type.

On the menu for the evening? Live octopus, fresh sashimi, fish stew, sea urchin as well as a slew of Korean beverages. After taking the fish out of the tank and weighing it, you pay the eager workers at the market. After that, there are several dining options where you take the fish to and there awaits excited staff who cooks up a delicious concoction of fish you cannot pronounce.

Noryangjin Market

One of the many selections at Noryangjin Market

Live octopus. If it looks blurry, imagine it is because they are still moving.

Delicious sashimi

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