Peace of the Night

The best things in life are those in which we happily stumble upon. I just read this in my journal from March 2012, so I am not sure if I wrote this or where I stole it from; either way, the quote fits my evening like a glove.

Being an eternal night owl, I love the light of day, but I crave the peace of the night. Tonight I didn’t know what I wanted to do. Feeling the humid summer night call me I grabbed minimal possessions and set out. Barely a block away from my apartment I found myself in awe of the peaceful, routine beauty of the summer night. Gaining courage and excitement, I nearly ran back to my apartment to grab my camera (which I nearly had to dust off). Between the night’s natural settling and inspiring nature, and even feeling a renewed love for the feel of my camera, I fell into a swift pace, reawakening my own comfort and feel for the camera.

The closest shop for me to buy fresh produce

Live life like the locals
Quick wheels
His & Her Mopeds (add to the bucket list?)

Choice of transpor

Just around the corner, home

School on the left, infamous family mart on the right

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