Being Thrifty in Korea is Not Compromising



Happiness is brought to you tonight in $3.00. Pictured is $2 worth of amazing, spicy, with just enough zest: fried chicken made just up the street with enough personality and character from a local rico suave kind of lad. Pictured above we have the traditional Korean drink of Makegolli; a Korean rice wine that is made by fermenting rice, wheat and water and is about 6-8% alcohol. Traditionally the drink settles at the bottom leaving a clear liquid at top. The slow, elegant process to righting this is to turn the bottle upside down, using two hands to smoothly rotate the bottle in circular fashion. Once the Makgeolli looks balanced (now the cloudiness is evenly distributed), it is slowly opened and then poured into glasses for everyone to enjoy. Traditionally, Koreans bring the hierarchy of respect to the table, always having the oldest serve to all the others but never serving themselves. In true traditional fashion, the younger and less superior would look away (as if ashamed) when drinking and would not allow the others to see them drink. The drinking culture here is a team effort though, when one drinks- they all drink! At the local Family Mart, CU or 711 (all local convenience stores- and in abundance) sell this for about $1.20 and the price can range from $3-$5 when dining out.

Together the two make the perfect combination to quench my thirst and satisfy my bite. Now I can only hope for productivity this evening and allowing a little bit of celebration that there is no school tomorrow!


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