Just Beginning to Move

Hello fromManila! We are a long way from Korea, folks; though I do feel an odd sense of familiarity. There are some things I just may never get used to no matter where I am. Like stray cats sneaking up beneath my chair when I’m out (sorry that just happened), or my first experience of the Philippines on the flight being perfect English… From literally everyone. But I am loving thae sense if discovery all over again. Over the last day and a half I’ve continually been reminded that my basis of comparison is not good old USA, but rather my recent residence of Korea. What I’m finding, that in the most beautiful way, it is uniquely its own. Though I have seen more pizza huts, subways, KFCs and Kriapy Kremes than I’d anticipated, but i am still un the Manila metropolitan area. Regardless, this has been an experience I couldn’t have envisioned before actually experiencing it and I find myself relating and even comparing this to so many other times in my life. Some such as the juxtaposition of poverty vs prosperity on the reservations, the unsafe shanty towns of South Africa with the safe ‘Sadi Sadi’ store, which literally means everything store that lined our drive yesterday from main city Manila to Tagaytay. And whew, Tagaytay! The area was beautiful, surrounded by lush unfamiliar vegetation, local people enjoying a regular Sunday and even the simple pleasure of smelling fresh flowers. My couchsurfing host knew of the perfect location to enjoy tarragon tea as the sunset, and afterwards we headed to eat some bulalo, which is actually cow bone that is boiled and cooked for so long that it comes apart and makes this amazingly oily, sweet, very unique tasting stew with vegetables like asparagus and onions to accompany it. It was quite the first day!
Luckily I allowed myself flexibility to be a little lazy in my schedule so i could sleep in for day two, sort my belongings and then head out and meet Manila first hand. I must have remembered I never get more than two hours of sleep before traveling or moving.
My transpiration so far has included included plane, train, tricycles and jeepneys. The English around town helped incredibly! I was able to see the intramuros, Chinatown, and quite a few other huge cathedrals, pawn shop stretches of blocks and the biggest mall in the Philippines. Now I’m tired and need to rest and get ready for my island adventure that begins tomorrow. Stay tuned, and get excited! It’s time to get diving certified!










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  1. rest up! the beauty and thrill of the underwater world is waiting for you 🙂
    can’t wait to see how you describe scuba!

  2. “Sari-sari store”, Ms Pinkpowerranger

  3. Ah, thanks for keeping me in check, Alec! I’m sure it was just a type, I will fix that pronto =)

  4. blair@huskers.unl.edu March 25, 2013 — 12:17 am

    Love reading and seeing your adventures. Keep posting!!

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