Island Hopping in Palawan













One night, a few days into the trip I turned to my traveling companion and asked: ‘Do we set an alarm for tomorrow?’ She nearly died laughing in my face. Apparently there are still a few things to get used to in this backpack traveling life style. Some things I’ve adjusted well to: my fruit and vegetable focused diet, walking around the different eateries, finding new dishes and looking for the best deals, picking up on little bits of the language and integrating it into my everyday jargon (yes, I still through some Korean in for good measure).

I am having a hard time finding pictures that capture the moment. These might not flow well or in a timeline, or even be all from the same day, but on island time I’m not sure that that matters. For me time is not a future or past event currently, my only focus is the present. Apparently all of those years attempting to merely be in the current moment are finally paying off and let me tell you: it’s freeing. I’ve played like a kid at the beach, running around and through the water, gone snorkeling and held photo shoots all over the place.

Ah, the blues, the greens and the blending and molding of all the landscapes… it’s just too good to be true. The bankas (boats) would fill up in the morning and head out. We wove our way through the different islands, stopping in coves, lagoons and along endless white beaches. The tour was so good (including the lunch of fish, fresh fruit and vegetables) that my friend and I decided to do it twice over the ten days! Words can’t even do this justice right now, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. =)


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  1. You are amazing!!!! I love reading about your experiences! Beautiful pictures..beautiful you!

  2. Was the last image taken at the “Secret Beach” in El Nido? 🙂

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