The Joy is in the Journey









There’s a saying that keeps echoing in my head, and it’s one I’ve heard over and over, perhaps for years of my life: getting there is half the fun. Everyday this statement rings true. Whether it is in regard to recently: the flight leaving Korea, then driving through Tagaytay, then flying to Puerto Princessa, taking multiple means of unexpected transportation to reach the still semi rural location of El Nido, then far up north, back, to Singapore and quickly on to Indonesia, life is moving quickly. On the other side, I can look at all of this as a process through years of my life.

Before I graduated, I knew that the traditional life style of finding a career path, investing in my own long-term future through possessions and belongings and general job security would not be necessary. Don’t get me wrong, I obviously wanted a job and to be financially responsible and secure but there were a lot of things to consider when it came to finding a place to move to and a job. The only thing I never questioned was that I would be moving to a new location. That part always seems consistent is that I would stay for a while, adjust to the culture, explore as much as possible, feel connected and then move on. Trust me, it’s easier to say than it actually is to do, but for me, this works. It worked well in Denver (though I miss it regularly) and it worked again in Korea. And now it’s happening all over again but the landscape is changing at a faster pace.

One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned through packing up and moving on is to enjoy and embrace the moment. Enjoying those endless bus rides that are so bumpy you fly off your seat, enjoy waiting and talking to people who sit besides you, take a look around at the places you are seeing and invite the people around you to join in the fun! I wish I was learning more about how to collect less along the way and pack less, but unfortunately my bags remain full and heavy on my shoulders. But honestly, right now living in the moment and letting time become it’s own entity is refreshing… I could get used to this.


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