Evolving Quiescence






I had never known peace like I did in that moment
aboard the boat with the wind in my hair.
Life appeared before me: clean, whole, pure, simple.
I couldn’t remember yesterday and my mind didn’t consult what would be;
if not for the steady crash of waves, life seemed, in that moment,
to be on pause, and I was sure that because of the depth of this peace,
my heart no longer tenaciously clung to forgotten promises, but let go
and for the first time fully felt the pristine air, free.
Simple. Light. Callow memories, free to drift at sea,
loosening the reign on my soul and allowing this permutation to grip, rip and heal.
The sea, my efficacious healer, omnipotent in this moment,
supplicating my soul, allowed internal quiescence
amidst the cerulean sea.


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  1. Beautiful reflection!

  2. Beautiful pictures!

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